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Tanis Lang accepting our award at the British Council ceremony in London


Reaccreditation - International School Award 2016-19

Lakeside has been re-accredited with  the International Schools’ Award for the work we have  developed in international education. Our pupils' disabilities and learning difficulties can curtail some opportunities for our pupils and their view of the world around them can be narrow. Working on global or international education we can enrich children’s education and broaden their view and understanding of the world through visits to other countries, visits from partners to Lakeside and opportunities for email and skype links pupils have the experiences of hearing the language of other countries and learning about their ways of lives culture and religion in a way that becomes meaningful and motivating.

Some of the comments from the report:

It is very clear that you have continued to develop and embed the international dimension into your school since your last accreditation and it is pleasing to note that this was recognised by your last OFSTED inspection in October 2013 with the comment that you have, "...outstanding partnerships with other professionals and organizations which support the pupils' development very effectively." You have engaged in a numbe rof international partnerships and work shadowing schemes through various programmes which have contributed to the richness of your curriculum and the development of pedagogy. Moreover, your latest School Development Plan has specific international components and it is clear you wish to continue to provide a curriculum where students will experience stimulating and relevant opportunities to learn from other cultures.. All pupils in the school have been involved in many of the activities . Staff are more aware of global issues and they have had opportunities to reflect on alternative SEN practice.The projects have enhanced their language and ICT skills, improved their knowledge of other countries and generally promoted self-esteem and confidence. Your pupils have experienced the key concepts of the global dimension in a way that is interesting and relevant to them. The international dimension has given them an insight into the diversity of the world and their own community. It has also promoted confidence, independence, and a greater awareness of languages. It appears that your school is well connected to groups and organisations within local and wider communities. You have ensured that these groups are given ample opportunities to be involved in international activities and events. You have also used Facebook and local newspapers to publicise activities more widely. . Congratulations on embedding the international dimension so effectively into your school 

And a comment to Tanis Lang:
Congratulations on working so hard to co-ordinate such an impressive range of work as the International Co-ordinator. You are a credit to the school and the wider community.




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