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Multi-Disciplinary Approach

We work closely with our Nurses and Paediatrician in order to make sure that all your child’s health needs are catered for and carefully monitored. You will be able to see the Paediatrician regularly and therefore have easier referral access to other professionals such as dieticians and behavioural specialists.
Our Speech Therapists work very closely with our staff to make sure that speech therapy programmes are carried out every day in functional situations. They support pupils both individually and in groups. They make sure that any alternative communication is available and relevant to our pupils. The Speech Therapists are trained to support our SCERTS teaching and are able to assess drinking and eating abilities and advise us regarding how to support drinking and eating safely.
Our Occupational Therapist works to support pupils with functional tasks and movement. They are responsible for assessing pupils to determine seating and mobility needs and will advise and support staff with regard to fine and gross motor activities and any activities linked to supporting pupils with sensory processing disorder. The school runs and orthotic clinic so that parents can come into school without having to take their child for lengthy appointments.

Our Physiotherapist supports all pupils who require help with their positioning, mobility and comfort. They work very closely with our staff and train them to help our pupils to achieve the best physical strength and skills they can. They support our MOVE programme and work with us to make sure our pupils achieve a good quality of life through being comfortable and being able to attain new skills whatever their disability.
When it is necessary the school works cooperatively with Educational Psychologists, Social workers and Behavioural Specialists.
We have a total commitment to working in a holistic way to ensure pupils reach their potential and enjoy every aspect of their lives.

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